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The mermale

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Windy Travel Wear

This is the first blogpost I was not prepared for shootin a new outfit. Me and a friend of mine were on our way to get some Pizza and I had the Camera with me. And these pictures came out!READ MORE

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Black & White Traveler

Hi Folks

For this blospost we found a great location for a new shoot. We were in Utrecht to look for a great location and found this old trainrails and traincabin. I love trains, being on the road, an old skool way for the perfect getaway, like you see in the old movies. A train sombolizes freedom for me, taking you anywhere to any place you want. READ MORE

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Freakshow Dandy

For this blogpost I wanted to show another circuslook! I’m latley rewatching a TV-show called American Horror Story: Freakshow (season 4). I’m totally obsessed by the cast with Angela Delange , Peter Evans, Sarah Paulson & Emma Roberts.READ MORE

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Whithout black, No color has depth

This blogpost is the first one with the dark hair! It is still à haircolor I need to get used to.. Going from white blonde to dark. My clothes also look so different now with the hair change! Because of the dark hair I needed Some contrast for the look. I want to show you à fesh colorful basic look!READ MORE

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That’s 70’s summer

Hi Folks

I’m back from Ibiza! I had such a great time there chilling with good friends, meeting other cool people, relaxing, partying, eating, drinking etc. But at one point my phone broke.. yes my new phone.. and I didn’t had a computer near me to stay online and updated with you that much! But it’s all fine now. back home again, I got my phone back yesterday and I’m ready to continue the Mermale’s Fashion Dairy!!READ MORE

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Clean Hologram Wear

Hi Folks

The summerbreak is now officially over! Back to school again and busy with preparing for my final internship. New plans, a new school year & new hair! This is the last blogpost with my summer white blonde look and went back to the dark haircolor. So for this blogpost I wanted to show a fresh clean look with hologram and transparant items. It’s a little bit of a futuritic look and went all the way with it! This is something I will wear to a party, festival or a special event. READ MORE