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The mermale

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Hi Folks

With this blogpost I wanted to show my new red sunglasses from one of my favortie Vintage shops The Cobra Shop. On their webshop is the name of the glasses BAY BAY AVIATOR SHADE. They sell this glasses in five different colors, I have bought three of the five sunglasses, in red, blue and orange. What I love and see more comon is matching the sunglasses color with your clothes. So I found a great shoot location in Tiel to shoot this new outfit. I love street art!


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If you want space, join NASA baby!

Hi Folks

For this streetwear look I wanted to show this epic sweather from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). For the people who don’t know NASA, it’s an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. Sounds difficult but it means that everything that has something to do or could come from space, the people of NASA will investigate and trying to find a solution for the unknown. Space, the universe and everything that have something to do with it has always intrigued me. The mistery, the unknown and the possibility that there is life on other planets!READ MORE

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Puberty Youth Sentiment

Hi Folks

We shot this blogpost in the snow, what looks really cool on the photo’s. Because of the white and misty background it makes the contrast in de pictures extra, with this outfit. I choose for a darker outfit, but still needed to keep me warm and stylish. I’m really into band tees lately so I wanted to show you this Metallica band tee of their St-anger tour. READ MORE

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Hot Red at a Cold Xmass

Hi Folks

We’ve shot these streetstyle pictures at Christmas, so that’s the explanation for the title. I can almost hear you thinking, what about that title haha! I also heard Mariah Carey yesterday on the radio (a month after christmas!!! LOL). So this was my Christmas streetstyle look that we shot on the second day of Christmas at the Oude Gracht in Utrecht. We were there at first to do some vintage shopping and drinking some hot Glühwein, but ended up shooting this look!


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Windy Travel Wear

This is the first blogpost I was not prepared for shootin a new outfit. Me and a friend of mine were on our way to get some Pizza and I had the Camera with me. And these pictures came out!READ MORE

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Black & White Traveler

Hi Folks

For this blospost we found a great location for a new shoot. We were in Utrecht to look for a great location and found this old trainrails and traincabin. I love trains, being on the road, an old skool way for the perfect getaway, like you see in the old movies. A train sombolizes freedom for me, taking you anywhere to any place you want. READ MORE